Messing up & rewriting history

The other week, I broke my blog, the one I have been lovingly building and updating for almost three years.

I still don't really know what exactly happened. All I know is the hours I have spent not only debugging (in vain), but also trying to recover my content, have made me realise that I do not want my blog to have a database any longer. That's why I made this new one on a static site generator. SSGs are not infallible, of course, but it feels a little bit like there are fewer vectors for disaster — basically, you can read up on all the advantages here.

Initially, I created my Django/Wagtail blog as a learning tool where I could also write posts. But since this record of my developer journey is so precious, I don't want the stakes to be so high. Of course, as a backend dev, it's crucial for me to know how to work with servers, the cloud, remote databases, and so on. That's why I will keep my Digital Ocean droplet open, but I'll use it for experimental purposes.

I'm going to post soon about how I did end up retrieving my blog posts and pages (the restored versions of which I will be painstakingly publishing here, which feels a little inauthentic, yet also the most authentic way to go about things, and I'm very lucky I was able to get the data back in this case). Til then!