Appearing on the Django Girls podcast

I'm thrilled to announce that I was recently a guest on my first-ever podcast. It was none other than the official Django Girls podcast — that's right, the organisation that kicked off my journey into a coding career. I answer questions relating to my experiences with the workshop, and in particular, about what I've brought over to tech from my previous career.

Something that struck me was that by this point, I take my story for granted, but the cohosts Aisha and Leona were really interested in it! The experience reminded me of the importance of owning your unique narrative, and therefore knowing the value you can bring to a new team.

Have a listen on Spotify, Apple, and wherever else you get your podcasts.

While I'm here, here's an article on a similar subject that I came across just today and really liked: If You Can Code, You Can Write by Irina Stanescu.