2022 resolutions

I haven't set formal resolutions for a few years, it seems; it was always too stressful. Right now, a lot of people are like "my goal is just to survive", and that's completely valid. However, I want to set myself three goals with concrete benchmarks (well, these are just the public ones, hehe):

💫 Get promoted

I would like to drop the "junior" from my title. I recently started at a company where I feel well-supported in my professional development path, so I'm pretty optimistic about this one.

💫 Submit my novel manuscript

In 2021, I didn't get as far with my publishing journey as I'd hoped. Yes, I did finally complete my first draft in February, which I'm still proud of myself about. But my first reader didn't finish looking at the draft until June, and then life got hectic. So, the current status is I'm still incorporating that feedback and also just tweaking bits that I spot as I go through it. I don't really know how long that will take, but I do know I don't want to wait yet another year until a third party has seen it.

💫 Reach B1-level Russian

Right now I am probably at the lower end of A2, and I'd like to get reasonably confident in speaking/listening. If all goes well, I will be visiting Ukraine sometime this year and it would be awesome to get the most out of that experience by having a decent command of the language. (Yes, people speak Russian in Ukraine... no, it doesn't mean they support Putin.)